"...combining technical experience and research to deliver specialist advice for practical and balanced solutions..."


Gondwana Ecology Group is a dedicated specialist organisation that focuses on delivering professional ecological and environmental services. Our philosophy is to ensure positive ecological outcomes. The group operates in several sectors, including conservation, urban growth, energy, infrastructure, mining and natural resources.


Key services include expert witness, ecology (flora and fauna), rehabilitation, environmental management and vegetation management.


The business model and organisational structure allows clients to benefit from high level professional and dedicated staff. The group’s principal ecologist and director, Dr Justin Watson, has more than 30 years ecological experience and is supported by professional staff with an extensive network of resources.


Gondwana Ecology Group is committed to providing a professional and practical solution to achieve balanced and positive ecological and environmental outcomes.




Gondwana is a small family owned business, that has an extensive network of collaborative partners and affiliated organizations, ensuring on-time outcomes of the highest standard.




Gondwana Ecology Group provides a range of professional ecological services across a number of sectors, including:

  • Expert Witness

  • Ecological Assessment, Specialist Advice and Peer Review

  • Rehabilitation and Restoration

  • Management and Monitoring




Gondwana Ecology Group is actively involved in various research projects.

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